FileSystemRemountSystem Method AndroidLib - Beatsleigher Edition
Mounts connected Android device's file system as specified

Namespace: RegawMOD.Android
Assembly: AndroidLib (in AndroidLib.dll) Version: (

public bool RemountSystem(
	MountType type


Type: RegawMOD.AndroidMountType
The desired MountType (RW or RO)

Return Value

Type: Boolean
True if remount is successful, False if remount is unsuccessful

The following example shows how you can mount the file system as Read-Writable or Read-Only
// This example demonstrates mounting the Android device's file system as Read-Writable
using System;
using RegawMOD.Android;

class Program
    static void Main(string[] args)
        AndroidController android = AndroidController.Instance;
        Device device;

        Console.WriteLine("Waiting For Device...");
        android.WaitForDevice(); //This will wait until a device is connected to the computer
        device = android.ConnectedDevices[0]; //Sets device to the first Device in the collection

        Console.WriteLine("Connected Device - {0}", device.SerialNumber);

        Console.WriteLine("Mounting System as RW...");
        Console.WriteLine("Mount success? - {0}", device.RemountSystem(MountType.RW));

   // The example displays the following output (if mounting is successful):
   //        Waiting For Device...
   //        Connected Device - {serial # here}
   //        Mounting System as RW...
   //        Mount success? - true
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