AdbFormAdbCommand Method (String, Object) AndroidLib - Beatsleigher Edition
Forms an AdbCommand that is passed to Adb.ExecuteAdbCommand()

Namespace: RegawMOD.Android
Assembly: AndroidLib (in AndroidLib.dll) Version: (

public static AdbCommand FormAdbCommand(
	string command,
	params Object[] args


Type: SystemString
The command to run on the Adb Server
Type: SystemObject
Any arguments that need to be sent to command

Return Value

Type: AdbCommand
AdbCommand that contains formatted command information

This should only be used for non device-specific Adb commands, such as adb devices or adb version.

Never try to start/kill the running Adb Server, as the AndroidController type handles it internally.


This example demonstrates how to create an AdbCommand
//This example shows how to create an AdbCommand object to execute on the running server.
//The command we will create is "adb devices".  
//Notice how in the formation, you don't supply the prefix "adb", because the method takes care of it for you.

AdbCommand adbCmd = Adb.FormAdbCommand("devices");
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